Step 1

Meet with a Mortgage Expert

They are here to answer your questions every step of the way. 


Discuss Loan Programs

Fit the mortgage for your specific needs and criteria to obtain your dream home.



The general synopsis is to is to fill out an application and provide copies (for all borrowers) of the following items:

  1. Per the Patriot Act of 2003, we now require copies of your Driver’s License & Social Security Card

  2. One Months most recent Pay Stubs

  3. Last Two Years - W-2 Forms

  4. Last Two Years - Personal 1040’s, 1120’s, 1065’s, etc.

  5. Two Months most recent Bank Statements (Consecutive – All pages)

  6. Most recent Mortgage Statement for All Properties Owned

  7. Homeowners Policy for Present Home

  8. Copy of Signed Contract for Purchase (All pages)

  9. If applicable, Copy of Divorce Decree and Property Settlement Agreement (All pages)

  10. If applicable, Social Security Awards Letter and/or Pension Awards Letter

  11. If applicable, Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

Typical Mortgage Process


Appraisal Scheduled

The appraisal company will contact you or your realtor to arrange a convenient time. 


Underwriter Conditions Met

You might be asked to provide additional information. One of our processors will contact you if an underwriter is requesting any additional documents. 


Schedule Closing

Our processors will be in contact with our Lenders and your Attorney or Title Company to schedule the closing. 


Close Loan

This will take place at a convenient time and location that you prefer. Start enjoying your home for years to come.

Typical Mortgage Process